Friday, July 15, 2011

Wow...June 5th was my last post? I refuse to beat myself up about it. So for the 2 of you out
there that actually read my blog, here is a brand new post.

I had to move my classroom at the end of this year to a new hallway and a different room set up. The room is gray...with some gray....and maybe a little blue....dark blue....SO I decided that my mission this summer was to perk up the room. I had this great chair that was given to me by my co-worker Kathie (she also has one in rainbow colors). It has sat in my classroom for a few years and has been happy being white. I thought that it deserved a little makeover.

3 cans of red spray paint later and a very cute back panel, I think that it will be great in the new room. I absolutely LOVED the fabric and may go get some more for a future project. Hooray! Now I need to go clean up my house a little and think about what project may be next! If you are reading this, thanks. :)

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  1. Very cute chair! Perky and bright :o) It is always harder to post in the summer. Blogs universally have fewer postings and fewer readers. Definitely no beating yourself up :o) You are inspiring me... I've been working on a baby quilt & have failed to take any photos yet :o)