Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

This is the medicine cabinet on the wall in our bathroom upstairs. Let me start with a positive comment. It is great to have a cabinet this size in the bathroom. There, my one positive comment. This cabinet was gross. It is a plastic door so it is easy to clean but the gold trim was difficult to stomach. I have thought about having Dave make new doors for this cabinet but I am VERY happy with the results!
This is the hardware that was on the cabinet doors......very vintage and is NOT a standard size so replacing it was a challenge but not an impossible endeavor! Home Depot ROCKS!
There was gold trim all around the doors that had turned that lovely green color. While I was sanding this off by hand I nearly burnt my fingers. The heat from the friction was hot. Had to get the power sander out.

The same cabinet now. A beauty isn't it? I love that it is clean and white. Dave thinks that it may need a little color but I am leaving it as is.
The flower design turned out so nicely. I used spraypaint and it was SO EASY!
Beautiful non-vintage handles.

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  1. You're inspiring me to get our bathroom cabinets finished! They are also white with gold trim, not to mention the gold-brushed flower-shaped metal-like knobs. Ugh. Wonder if I could paint them, too? Not sure, since they're some kind of laminate. Love your re-dos!