Monday, January 5, 2015

Moving Right Along!

It is amazing how much reading you can get done when you have 16 days off!  One of the days I just sat and read!!!  Love that.

I finished my "C" book very quickly.  It was a great story about a little girl in the pre-depression years who has a pretty tough life.  It is interesting to see how she handles the many bad things that are thrown at her.  The exciting thing for me is that there is a sequel! If you are interested in reading this book, I have linked the book to Amazon.

I will also add the sequel! (I got BOTH for Christmas!)

Choosing a book for letter D was very difficult.  There were so many choices!  I had recently watched the TV adaptation of The Red Tent.  I had read the book many years ago and really, really enjoyed it so when I saw this new one by the same author, I decided to give it a read!!  I am about 5 chapters into it and it is great!

Went to Barnes and Noble as cruised the "E" books and I think I may have a winner.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Letter B is DONE!

Well, being sick for an entire month made getting this book finished quite a challenge!  Luckily, Christmas break came and brought me the gift of uninterrupted time.  I sat down and in one night read most of the book.  The fact that you know what the Deepest Secret is early on does not change the power of this story.

I really like Carla Buckley's work because it makes you a little bit uncomfortable.  Her first book, The Things that Keep Us Here was so powerful for me that I hunted her down on Facebook so I could tell her so.

I am on my way into my "C" book.  I was lucky enough to receive it for Christmas.  It is the first in a trilogy.

I also am looking into a "D" book. Maybe??