Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"During" pictures

Well......Mother Nature has not been kind to those of us that decided to stay in Rochester for April Break. One GOOD thing about it is that my craft room makeover is coming along quickly. Here are some "during" pictures!

This corner is not quite done. The wood wall will be covered with whiteboard paneling (perfect for a "to do" list) and a long white shelf. the wood wall that I painted white is not quite as pretty as it looks in the picture. I think that I will be covering it. I am really not sure with what yet. The wood on it allows for pinning things to it so it may be covered with fabric. I am also toying with half white board/half cork panels. Any other ideas? The beadboard paneling covered that HORRIBLE wallpaper too!
I decided to take the door off the little closet and will just hang a fabric panel in the doorway to cover the shelves full of stuff.
The paneling covered very nicely with paint and the blue is just perfect. I still need to put another coat of white on the trim and paint the doors and beadboard white. It will be a white paint day. I am thinking about heading to Home depot and looking at carpets. I really just want a remnant to keep my feet warm. The next time you see this room it will be in the "after" pictures.
Oh well. Back to the basement.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Moms that shop together......

........have kids that wear the same outfits! Fun time shopping with Becky last night! Notice the dancer pose on each of the girls?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am so excited to be on break! My first shopping stop of Spring Break 2011?
Now I know that some of you are out there jumping up and down and cheering for me right now and some of you are full of dread. Know that I went bec
ause I wanted to, not because I had to. That is always a bonus. Dave and I went to get primer, sandpaper, paint (sapphireberry), outlet covers and beadboard paneling. All for the craf
t room do-over! Hooray! The following pics will show why Home Depot was
a must do.
1973 wallpaper put up by previous owner....not me!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sew Something Sunday #8

Well....seems that my weekday posts have been replaced by exhaustion and a bunch of school work. Natalie's musical production at school is this week so it does not look like I will be around much but I did have the chance to do a little sewing today.

For those of you following my sewing machine drama, my awesome husband took my Singer to the repair shop so hopefully I will get it back soon. He also took my Mom's old machine to the
repair shop to get tuned up so that I will have a back-up. Thanks for that Mom! Currently i am using my Mom's sewing pressure there. As I have been using it I have been chanting in my head "don't break it....don't break it...." So far, so good.

While the daughter was at a birthday party and the son was playing at a friend's house, I got a little sewing done. I told myself that I could only sew after I washed the kitchen floor so I did not spend the whole day crafting... :(

My friend Becky requested an envelope purse for her phone and I was happy to oblige. Cherry red...of course.
I also have fallen in love with the blog Two Peas in a Pod designs. I am currently working on several projects that I have found on this site. The first one to be completed is Baxter Bunny. He really is very cute and I have cut out and prepped many of them in all sorts of cute fabrics. The only problem with Baxter #1 is that the red thread that is his mouth is not visible on the blue fabric. Will have to fix that......or not.
I really should get to work planning for what I am going to teach my firsties tomorrow. We are starting poetry month tomorrow and it really is my favorite month of the year! Until later!