Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sew Something Sunday #8

Well....seems that my weekday posts have been replaced by exhaustion and a bunch of school work. Natalie's musical production at school is this week so it does not look like I will be around much but I did have the chance to do a little sewing today.

For those of you following my sewing machine drama, my awesome husband took my Singer to the repair shop so hopefully I will get it back soon. He also took my Mom's old machine to the
repair shop to get tuned up so that I will have a back-up. Thanks for that Mom! Currently i am using my Mom's sewing pressure there. As I have been using it I have been chanting in my head "don't break it....don't break it...." So far, so good.

While the daughter was at a birthday party and the son was playing at a friend's house, I got a little sewing done. I told myself that I could only sew after I washed the kitchen floor so I did not spend the whole day crafting... :(

My friend Becky requested an envelope purse for her phone and I was happy to oblige. Cherry red...of course.
I also have fallen in love with the blog Two Peas in a Pod designs. I am currently working on several projects that I have found on this site. The first one to be completed is Baxter Bunny. He really is very cute and I have cut out and prepped many of them in all sorts of cute fabrics. The only problem with Baxter #1 is that the red thread that is his mouth is not visible on the blue fabric. Will have to fix that......or not.
I really should get to work planning for what I am going to teach my firsties tomorrow. We are starting poetry month tomorrow and it really is my favorite month of the year! Until later!

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  1. I can't wait to see my envelope in person!! You are truly terrific! Baxter is cute too!