Saturday, September 8, 2012

Turntable turn-around

My buddy Becky found this lazy susan at a rummage sale for a couple of dollars!  I sanded it down and prepped it for paint.
 I gave it a few coats of my favorite spraypaint in a new color for me.  Heirloom white.  Very pretty and subtle.

 Pretty......but needed a little pizzaz!

Add the cricut machine and a little black vinyl and ta-da!  So pretty on my dining room table!  I now want one for my sunporch table so I better set Becky out on a new scouting mission! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garage Sale Jackpot!

I stopped in at our Church rummage sale and found these not-so-lovely-but-tons-of-potential chairs.  There was a set of 5 but on all of the other ones, the weave on the backs was ripped and I was not in the mood to try to fix THAT problem.  These 2 were in the best shape so I took them home.  The guy at the rummage sale was a little concerned.  He said that they were pretty beat up and ugly.  I agreed but told him that they were just crying for my help. (Can't you hear them?)
....and seriously, they were $2 each. How could I go wrong?
After removing the seats, I taught Natalie the importance of priming.  One can of primer per chair. (She looks like a pro doesn't she?)
They looked 100% better just with the primer!

While I was waiting for the primer to dry, I decided to tackle the seats.  I bought outdoor canvas at Joann's (with a coupon, of course).  It will be less likely to fade and is a bit more weather resistant.  I decided to just cover over the vinyl/leather that was already ont he seats.  I was kinda scared of what I would find under that vinyl/leather. EEK!
All covered and pretty with the help of my lovely assistant and his trusty-dusty staple gun!
A great coat of paint and this was the end result. So pretty!!!! I think the pair of chairs ended up costing $25! LOVE THEM!
Here they are so happy in their new home!
If you are in the neighborhood, come on over and sit a spell! I'll have the iced tea ready!
And for the bench that was previously on the are next my little pretty!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Old and Rusty to New and BLUE!

If you know me, then you know my LOVE of anything blue.  If you don't know me, click HERE to see a previous post about my love of blue.  I was looking to dress up a small piece of back deck that is unused but highly visible.  I knwe that I wanted to put some colorful annuals in pots out there but wanted something to put the pot on.  I have had this old rusty milk jug sitting around (I got them-yes there are 2!--at a garage sale a few years ago for CHEAP) so I decided to spruce it up a bit. 

I went to the Home Depot and purchased my favorite paint in my favorite color and...... the result!
 It looks even better with a pot of orange begonias on top!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sew Something Sunday is back!

I sure have missed this little blog. I have been so busy with my classroom blog and my teaching blog that I have neglected my "little things". If you are visiting from either of my other blogs, WELCOME and consider starting a personal blog to share your thoughts and creativity. It is actually pretty therapeutic!

I participated in a favorite Sunday event yesterday that I wanted to share. My "Sew Something Sunday" project was Pinterest-inspired. I pinned this:

(Click the picture if you want to visit the site and learn how to make your own!)

Then I went down and cruised through my stash of fabric and decided on one of my favs. An hour later......
SO easy, SO fun and it was very easy to follow the tutorial!