Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Once again, I am amazed.

Children amaze me. We are down to 19 days of classes for the children. and a nine.....I CANNOT even believe how much work I have to do.

Multiple assessments for 21 kids, creating engaging activities for the children to do WHILE I am doing the aforementioned assessments. I have a writing task to teach and score (and I need to finish scoring the previous writing task). Do I need to mention report cards? All this on top of soccer 4 nights a week. Oh! forgot that I have to pack up my classroom to move AGAIN this year. And I am getting a new student on Tuesday. Yes. That is right. A NEW STUDENT WITH 15 DAYS LEFT! And he speaks no English. if you read the title of my post so you may see that there is a ray of hope in all this chaos!

When I announced to the students that we were getting a new student, they cheered and clapped. Then they followed up with about a million questions; "Where will he sit?", "What does he look like?", "Can I show him the tadpoles?". I even had one of my sweethearts ask me what color his eyes are.

I am afraid that when our new friend starts, 15 days will go way too fast and we will wish that we had more time.

I don't think that I will do a count down this year.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I went down to my office/craftroom and found this written on my whiteboard. LOVE that my 11 year old son will still write me a little note telling me he loves me. Made my day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Project funny

Well...I have not posted anything in a while but today something happened that made me laugh. We were writing poems for our Mothers Day cards and we started with the sentence "My Mom is ______." I was asking the kids what they thought would be good words to put there. I got a lot of great responses such as "nice", "beautiful", "sweet" and one little boy that said "hot". I got to have a nice brief discussion with my buddy about how "hot" is not really a word that we use to describe our Moms. When he asked me why I had to use the "because" that I hate so much! So to all the hot moms out there...........Happy Mother's Day!