Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"During" pictures

Well......Mother Nature has not been kind to those of us that decided to stay in Rochester for April Break. One GOOD thing about it is that my craft room makeover is coming along quickly. Here are some "during" pictures!

This corner is not quite done. The wood wall will be covered with whiteboard paneling (perfect for a "to do" list) and a long white shelf. the wood wall that I painted white is not quite as pretty as it looks in the picture. I think that I will be covering it. I am really not sure with what yet. The wood on it allows for pinning things to it so it may be covered with fabric. I am also toying with half white board/half cork panels. Any other ideas? The beadboard paneling covered that HORRIBLE wallpaper too!
I decided to take the door off the little closet and will just hang a fabric panel in the doorway to cover the shelves full of stuff.
The paneling covered very nicely with paint and the blue is just perfect. I still need to put another coat of white on the trim and paint the doors and beadboard white. It will be a white paint day. I am thinking about heading to Home depot and looking at carpets. I really just want a remnant to keep my feet warm. The next time you see this room it will be in the "after" pictures.
Oh well. Back to the basement.

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  1. You must be thrilled to ditch that 70s look :o) Maybe some fun, bright cloth to cover the wood? Enjoy!