Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bathroom Vanity 911

I decided to title this "Bathroom Vanity 911" for two reasons. First, this vanity was ugly. Just. Plain. Ugly. I made a good effort to make it tolerable. I really need Bathroom Crashers to come over and gut the place but that is not likely to happen. The budget does not support a remodel so "911" will have to hook it up to bandage it up and have it hold for now. At least I will not cry whenever I am in there!

Ok......this is the vanity "before". It did not look quite like this when we bought the house. It had a contact-paper-type covering on the doors that was peeling off so I helped it along a little. Doing that did go a long way toward motivating me to do something with it.
This was what was on top of the pressboard....grrr....
My first step after peeling the doors was to use the wood filler to fill in the designs on the door. In retrospect, I did not need to do this. It was impossible to make the doors completely smooth. oh well, lesson learned.
After primer and two coats of paint, this is what we have now! Not too bad eh? I am tempted to get some vinyl and cricut cut something for that large white center panel....maybe....
The top knobs are turquoise glass (thank you Hobby Lobby). I think that they are too small but I do like them quite a bit.
The bottom knobs (Hobby Lobby again) are very cute.....
In this picture you can see my floor......that is a totally different story.......good thing I like blue.

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  1. wow! you have been busy. I love the knobs...I feel a visit to hobby lobby in my future!