Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First post revisited

Just over a year ago I started this blog. As I was sitting on the sunporch today I was looking out at the flower that started it all. In this post, I remember that I was excited to see 1 flower. It has grown SO much in just a year that I have had to move things out of that flower bed to give this Japanese anemone some room! I will spare you from ALL of the reflections on how much I have grown as a blogger. But there are few that I am going to mention.

I now am the author of 3 blogs total. I have this nice, fun personal blog. I have a blog for my students and their parents Mrs. Faas' First Grade (original title, I know) and I just started my new blog to share the things that I do as a teacher with other teachers (Bee the Change).

Thanks to all of you that follow me and comment on my posts!

Here is the anemone today.
HUGE! (and beautiful)
Couldn't resist posting some other late-summer bloomers from the garden!
black-eyed susans
Russian sage
This delphinium is a spring bloomer but it re-seeded and re-bloomed. A nice surprise!
Busy bee.....

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