Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My heart is a little broken.

I have always tried to encourage my kids to work hard and do their best. I have always hoped that they would be able to do whatever they set their minds to do. That being said, Nathan (going into 7th grade this fall) wanted to try out for modified soccer. He has been playing house league soccer since he was 5 and while the scouts from the MLS have not been knocking down our door, he has had fun.

Due to budget cuts, our district has eliminated freshman soccer and now only has 1, instead of two, modified teams. This has greatly increased the number of boys that are going to try out for one team. Many of the boys that are going to try out have played travel league soccer for many years. Despite having all these facts gently and repeatedly explained to him, he was still determined to try out.

I had to let him, right?

I was all set to let him try out when at the last soccer game of the summer league season, I was talking to some other Moms who mentioned modified volleyball. At their urging, I convinced Nate to go to a week-long volleyball camp a couple of weeks ago. He had fun and even made Dave go out and get him some knee pads (very official). His next dilemma was which sport to try out for (tryouts at the same time, of course). I though that volleyball was toast.

Today he told me that he wanted to try out for volleyball instead. I am happy that he came to that decision and has a good chance of making the team but I am a little sad for him.

Does he feel like he is settling?

Cross your fingers that he makes the team. I told him that he will be really popular with the girls when he goes to the beach and can kick butt in beach volleyball.

He rolled his eyes and gagged.

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