Saturday, August 27, 2011


12 years ago today was a miraculous day. Nate came into the world......6 weeks early. He was only 5 pounds and had a great deal of medical problems. It was a joyous and very stressful time.
The doctors kept telling me throughout the pregnancy that he was going to be a "big baby". He probably would have been if he had gone to term. I had only been buying 0-3 month clothes and was not prepared for a preemie. Thank goodness for Mom who went out to buy some clothes that would fit him. Preemie clothes were actually too big. This is the outfit he wore home from the hospital.
His foot and my foot......going to start saving money for you little boy!

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  1. So sweet! The growing up fast tugs on the heartstrings! The upside is raising such a nice young man, you and Dave are doing a great job, Nate is a great kiddo! Happy mom day to you....xox