Saturday, August 6, 2011

My week in Cell Phone Pictures

OK...I am a little delayed in my use of technology. I do not have a data plan for my phone......I know......the injustice of it all! While talking to my buddy Heather, she was telling me that I could upload my photos to my Verizon account and deal with them from there. I actually can do that now! I am cool. Thanks Heather. You are cool too.

Anyway....enough bragging. I decided to make this post using my newly-found tech skills and show you what I was choosing to take cell phone pics of. ( this! You could get a phone that could do this for you too! I am SURE that the tech-guru that lives in your house would get you one!)

So here is my week in cell phone pics.

Headed up to school to collect a few things so that I could start **thinking** about the 21 little ones that will be joining my life soon and we stopped in to see how summer reading/writing club was going. They hatched chicks this year and Natalie got to hold one. This little chick (the feathered one) even fell asleep while Natalie was stroking his feathers. Too cute.
I was lucky enough to get to celebrate another birthday this week. One of my friends brought me this beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and lovely things from her garden. So pretty...wish that they would live forever!
I was at school to set up for the next 2 weeks of summer school that I will be teaching and wandered into my new classroom. The classroom was previously occupied by one of the double O girls so it has great karma. Hanging on the window shade is her shade pull (pictured below). I love it but I am sure that she will be around to collect it in the next month or so. Maybe now that she is a Tupperware consultant.......she could find another one.....maybe.
Speaking of double O girls, the other one had wrist surgery this week. Yuk. The thing is......her hair still looks great event hough she is one-handed. She and I spent some time on her deck watching kids swim and cruising through my new cricut cartridge book. I think that if I was there without kids, we could have sat on that deck and chatted for a few more hours.
POLKA DOT DUCK (duct?) TAPE! ...........enough said.............

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  1. Always fun to catch up! Love the "stuff" box! And sitting on a porch with a friend is always fun! Wish you were visiting this week!