Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ok....I did it. Got it started and even think I know what I will post first! (Thanks to Katie) Since I decided that I would name my blog "It's the Little Things", I decided to post about the newest "little thing" that is bringing me joy today! I returned from a week-long vacation and discovered that this little beauty had FINALLY bloomed. This is a Japanese anemone and I purchased it (after much deliberation and thought during my weekly public market visits) last fall. I gingerly planted it in the ground and held my breath that it would produce the beauty that the "plant lady" promised. The leaves arrived in the spring and even though I knew that it would not bloom until later in the summer, I had my doubts about its potential. Still, I tended it, watered it, sprayed it (bunnies). Soon the little stems and fuzzy buds arrived. Would you believe that I was still doubting this tough plant? It was worth the wait to see this beautiful flower and the plant will, no doubt, produce many more lovely flowers like this! This first blossom will always be my favorite fought against my doubt and triumphed! Mother Nature rocks!

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  1. Beautiful :o) What a great blog-title! LOVE IT!!! I look forward to reading more. Joy!