Friday, August 13, 2010

Give BLUE the credit it is due!

From the dictionary : informal (of a person or mood) melancholy, sad, or depressed : he's feeling blue.

This is unfair! How did this, my favorite color, get such a bad reputation? I am going to celebrate blue today. It is a "little thing" that makes me happy. Given a choice, I choose blue 99% of the time. Who can argue with the color of the sky on a beautiful day?

Some of my favorite things:

My blue Nissan. I told the salesman "I want that blue car. I don't care what features it has." OK, maybe not a smart move as a consumer, but it all worked out.

My newly-spraypainted porch chair and side table. They were ordinary brown (sorry to all those "brown-lovers" out there) and now they are a beautiful blue. I smile whenever I walk onto the porch.
My library. Yes, I do have a library....awesome, I know. My favorite blue reading chair in front of my awesome, custom-made (by my Dad), blue bookshelves.

My engagement ring. David reset my original diamond with a sapphire on each side, one for each of our children. My birthstone is not blue but he knows that I love it. And he loves me.
So let's be better advocates for the color blue. Maybe if we all start using it in a positive way, society will start giving it the respect that it deserves! :)


  1. Now that's "blue sky" thinking! :-)

  2. Love all your blue! Oh! I think I will borrow *your* blogging idea and post links to each post on FB! (Now if I can just figure out how to do that....) And how did the vast majority of leos wind up with the peridot for a birthstone??? Dontcha think we should have been something a tad more exciting??? :o)

  3. Katie! At the bottom of each post there is a Facebook symbol....if you click on it, it should link you there. I agree that Peridot is not all that great BUT I am going to try to have some piece of jewelry made with the peridot and my grandmother's diamonds. Will keep you posted!