Saturday, August 21, 2010

DIY -Do it yourself

Do it yourself is great. There are times when I have wandered through the isles in Home Depot and marveled at all of the many projects that I could do by myself. I have 4 channels on my satellite that show me how easy it is to install windows, tile the bathroom, or totally transform a broom closet into a full bath with a jacuzzi tub. That being said, the part that they don't really romanticize is the "yourself" part. This is my dining room. When we moved in there was stucco swirls, painted wood design and z-brick on the walls. Not my all. So now this is what it looks like......nice eh? I got to listen to my husband use his DIY vocabulary, got to use my work gloves to help carry out a HUGE sheet of drywall (that was covered with stucco swirls and very heavy) and worried about whatwe might discover in the 35 year-old walls (there were no surprises, thank God). Now the hard part begins.....the finishing. If only we could get this project done in the 30 minutes that HGTV does!

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  1. Love it! 30 minutes for do-it-yourself projects sounds good to me! When we pulled down our livingroom wall, we found a foot of chicken feather insulation (it had settled a bit since the 40's), a mouse nest, and about 40 pounds of dog food that the mousies had stockpiled... Glad you had no surprises :o)