Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thanks Ben Franklin!

Ben Franklin did so many things that were great. He was the first international ambassador, invented bifocals, and who can forget the whole string and key in the thunderstorm deal? I wanted to write about my love of the library system and did a little research about its beginnings. Ben did not invent or create the first library but he was one of the first people that instituted the concept of the lending library.

I love the public library system in my county. I serve as a member of the Friends Board of my town library. My family participates in the many activities that the library provides and my overdue fines help to keep the library open! :)

When I was young, I would ride my bike to a local apartment complex just so that I could visit the bookmobile. I can remember going to the library as a young adult and thinking that I would "just start at the first book and work my way through to the last one". I am still in awe of the vast expanses of books on the shelves. Even walking into the library in the school where I teach, I have a sense of overwhelming peace.

I sat and added up the price of all of the books that I have read since June and how much it would have cost me to buy them and my lending book haven has saved me about $100. A great bargain! Take some time and go visit your library.

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  1. Oooooh! So you *saved* a Ben Franklin, too! :o)