Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I received a great gift for my birthday. It was something that I have always known about and a "little thing" that is priceless. My grandfather (Pop-Pop) carved duck decoys. Some he painted to look like the actual ducks and some he just carved out of beautiful woods. Sassy is a small duck that he made for my Mom-Mom. She is a Ruddy duck and was carved by Jack Waller (Pop-Pop) out of butternut wood (this is all written in his handwriting on the bottom of Sassy). The ducks and the birds that he carved have been gifted out to family and friends as my Mom-Mom moved around but Sassy stayed as her favorite. I can still hear her saying "Sassy" with her slight southern accent. Mom-Mom is gone now and Sassy now gets to live with me. I hope that she will be OK living in the chaos that is our lives here on Pine Ridge. I will make sure that she is safe but in a place of honor. When you come to visit, ask me about her and I will let you hold her!

Mary Ellen (Mom-Mom), me, and Jack Waller (Pop-Pop)
circa 1987---I am sure that you could tell it was the 80's by my awesome hair!


  1. It is so special to have something linking back to grandparents! I have my Grammie's bread pans and the bowl she made bread in *every day* when my dad was small.

  2. I remember you in the 80's! Your old babysitter could never forget.