Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thanks to the children!

I was sitting at home tonight feeling a bit grouchy about something that I had heard. A piece of information that reminds me how cruel people are to each other and how someone's pain and hurt can cause them to be blind to their actions. As I was feeling my blood pressure rise and my faith in human kindness fall, I remembered this afternoon.

First graders are amazing little creatures. They feel each others pain so deeply and care about each other unconditionally. We got news last Thursday that one of the little girls in my class broke her femur and was in a hip-to-toe cast. The children had many questions for me that unfortunately I did not have the answer to. We made cards for her and drew many pictures (most of the pictures involved our buddy in a wheelchair), and we all were SO excited when she wrote back to us.

Today I got the news that she is going to be coming back to school next Monday. She will be transported in a wheelchair van, she is a week and a half behind in classwork will be in a wheelchair to get around the school and I will have to rearrange my room to accommodate her. This is what was going through MY mind....when I told the children that she was coming back on Monday, they stood up and cheered. Actually got out of their seats and cheered. They miss her and they know that without her, our community is not complete.

I envy them.
We could learn a lot from them.
I don't ever want them to feel like I did tonight.
I am glad that I get to be with them for 7 hours a day.
Maybe a little of their joy will rub off on me tomorrow.....

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  1. I was reminded of their sweet vulnerability today too. I called a student over to talk to be a part of a conversation I was having with another kiddo and he just leaned in next to me, comfortably close, not quite on my lap, like he was just enjoying having someone close to him for that small moment. It was very touching, especially from a student who comes across as not needing or wanting adults sometimes. I love being able to reflect on those moments, thanks for bringing that one to my mind. I am sorry you had to deal with something mean to focus on something so precious... see you tomorrow, friend!