Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Lunch Edition anyone that knows me well (and now anyone reading this) knows that I love sandwiches. I would be happy to eat sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While I was at Wegmans this morning I decided that I would make my favorite sandwich for lunch. The rueben. So right now you are either thinking, "Rueben? ick!" or "Rueben? yum!" It seems to be that you either like it or you don't. The key to a great homemade rueben is in the preparation. You have to have everything ready to go to prevent the dreaded sogginess.....

The above picture is a result of my years of practice in ruben preparation timing.

I prefer the dressing on the side to further ward off the aforementioned sogginess. Ahhh. YUM. (My father, since I know he is reading this, is probably putting the ingredients on his grocery list right now). While I was finishing up the lunchtime photo shoot, I decided to add my favorite beverage to the "lunch edition" of the blog. Ginger Beer is a really fun, tasty addition to your lunchtime sandwich. The fun of this beverage starts at the grocery store when 3 out of 5 cashiers will actually try to ask me for my ID to buy it.

"Can I see your ID?"
"For what?"
"For the beer"
"It is not beer"
"It says beer and there is a picture of a beer on the label"
"Just scan it and see if the computer asks for my ID"
"It doesn't.....that is wierd"

Ginger has great medicinal qualities as well as being just plain tasty. It is very soothing to the digestive system. I like mine with a twist of lime in it as well!
Well, I must go and eat my lunch....gotta eat that sandwich before it gets soggy and drink my beer before it gets warm.

What is your favorite sandwich? Maybe I will add it to my personal favorite sandwich list!


  1. I have never tried either the "beer" or the sandwich! I'm glad they make you happy! My favorite homemade hot sandwich is a toasted tuna with cheese on wheat bread, yum-o! I've got to try the ginger beer!

  2. I will make you a rueben sometime Becky! They are delish!