Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Intentions

I am taking a lead from a post on The Two Writing Teacher's blog that mentioned making "intentions" vs "resolutions". The word switch does change the feel of the commitment. I think that it takes the timeline away.These have all been chosen with the hope that it will create the balance that my life struggles to maintain. With that in mind... here are my 5 intentions for 2011 (in no particular order).Drink more tea. I LOVE the smell of coffee. I love the way it tastes when it has a yummy caramel latte creamer in it. I think that I just need to be honest with myself about the fact that coffee hates me. I was diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) many years ago and since then, caffeine and acid in combination is a killer. I have given up drinking the soda but coffee seems to be meaner. SO! I am going to switch to tea. As I am writing this, I am drinking a lovely cup of ginger tea. If there is a tea that you love and think I might like too, simply let me know!
Let go. OK... so the graphic would probably lead you to think that this intention has something to do with "exercise more and lose weight". Nope. This intention is about letting go.... letting go of some of the guilt that I impose upon myself. The reason I chose this graphic is because I like to go to the YMCA at night. There is NO way that I could do mornings and I like to join a friend to watch primetime TV. I need to let myself do that without guilt. My children WILL survive one or two nights a week without me at home. Won't they? I am going to have to work hard on this one.
Read. I love to read. I love to read a lot. And I do read a lot... in the summer. I feel that there is just too much going on during the school year to read in any great quantity. I don't go to the library as often. I will move through my "to read" list.

Create. I have had a couple of "girl's craft nights" in the past couple of months and have realized just how much I miss exercising the creative side of my brain. I have been following many of the wonderful crafty ladies that have blogs and cannot wait to try my hand at some new creative adventures!

The sign says it all. Beyond organizing and purging, I would like to get rid of the feeling that I need to keep up and catch up with others. Love that sign....may have to try to make it!

Happy New Year's to all and may 2011 bring the best of intentions.


  1. I love the word "intentions"! Rather than add stress of will-do's and must-do's, it allows a gradual adapting. Great idea :o)

  2. Great ideas, Lor! I do believe your children will survive!! You are the first to tell me that those types of activities make you a better mom, so you can do it, guilt free!!! Count me in on planning more craft nights! It sounds to me like you do read quite a bit all year long! Between listening to books and reading something else in addition to book club book, I'd say you are super bookwoman! When do you have time for sleep and tv?? You go girl!!!