Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sew Something Sunday

I love how other bloggers have "theme" days....I think I may start that! (until it becomes too confining and I get stressed about it!) Today it is cold. The sun is out but my thermometer is reading 9 degrees. The weather reporters say that it is supposed to get colder. So.....I deemed it "jammie day" at the Faas house.

While I was at Joanne Fabrics the other day, I picked up some fabric to make Natalie a new dance bag. The handle of her old one fell off at class on Saturday. She loves her dance bag. She bought it with her own money when we were at Disney World a few years ago and it is pink and blingy and just perfect. I attempted to take a picture of it to show you but it has so many sequins on it that I could not get a good one. I knew that finding something to replace it was going to be a challenge.
Ta-Da! I did it. the pink fabric has little heart outlines on it and the polka dots are metallic silver. I got the colors right and Natalie even helped to sew it. It was the first time that I let her use my new sewing machine. I need a little more practice with the zigzag stitch and the iron-on ballerina was a little fuzzy on the hands but Natalie did not care.
It is even loaded with tap, jazz and ballet shoes and ready to go for next week. I also have plans for the extra fabric but won't say anything until I give it a try!

Now I better go make dinner and make sure the backpacks are ready to go....the downside of Sunday is that it is a school night.....

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