Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am a terrible teacher. There. I said it. I have a confession to make. I do not love Dr. Seuss. Try not to judge me. I can remember when Nate was little, he wanted to hear "Hop on Pop". Every night. Multiple times. I could "read" it in my sleep. I thought that I would jump out the window if I had to read it one more time. I would read it again and I didn't jump.

I don't remember hearing Dr. Seuss being read over and over when I was a child and I think that maybe my Mom felt the same way that I do?

There is just one thing. I love that children love Dr. Seuss. I had a student a bunch of years ago that really struggled with reading. Her parents, me, tutors, AIS providers all struggled with getting her to read. I remember the day that she came up to me, her first grader eyes smiling and said "Mrs. Faas! Mrs. Faas! I CAN READ THIS WHOLE BOOK ALL BY MYSELF!" She was SO proud! And so was I.

I am sure that you know where I am going with this. That is the day that "Ten Apples Up on Top" by Theodor Seuss Geisel became my favorite Seuss book, as well as becoming Patricia's favorite.

As a primary teacher, I do read Dr. Seuss books to my class. I only read them a couple of times and I seem to enjoy them a little more than I did. Mostly because the children think that the books are hysterical. They are easy to read and kids feel proud when they can independently read them cover to cover. For that, I am grateful.

Thanks, Dr., to you
for all that you do
giving kids what they need
while they're learning to read!

Thanks Dr. Seuss!


  1. I am so glad that you confessed, I, too, am not a Seuss lover, however, I do agree with you on the benefits of his books and ironically I spent the whole day Seussing it up with my kids, that is a first for me! I do, like the non-fiction books that have come out in Seuss-style, There's no Place Like Space is my Hop on Pop, but it is a fun way to teach kids about space. Oh my A Butterfly is a fun one too. Happy Birthday, Dr. S!

  2. Gotta say, I love Dr. Seuss! Fond memories of listening to the Sleep Book read out loud before bed. Sometimes having to nudge the parent to wake them back up to finish putting me to bed...