Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Party!

Today was a fun gathering with my family. We got together to celebrate my Mom's birthday. I hosted and as usual, everyone helped by bringing delicious dishes to share. Here are the highlights.
Here is the sunflower birthday cake that I made for my Mom. OK.....the yellow frosting in the spray can was not that easy to use but gave me the results that I was hoping for. Mini chocolate chip in the middle to look like the seeds......go ahead...say I am smart... :) I told my sister-in-law Jen that when she opens her bakery after retirement, I will apply to work for her. The other cake did not get the fancy treatment but instead was covered in red, white and pinks heart shaped sprinkles. Both were yummy!

Singing Happy Birthday is always the highlight and Elizabeth helped Mimi blow out the candles!
Here is the craft logging portion of this post. When I had the opportunity to babysit Jenny's cricut machine a few weeks go, I cut out these little beauties. I was unsure of what to do with them. Turns out that they were perfect for Mom. 3 went in the spring picture below and one went on the card. Got to use the glue gun to put the buttons on the frame and was able to use cute little yellow brads on the card.
The best part of today was being all together. Here is the latest picture of the Big 6! they are growing up way too fast.Take some time soon to enjoy your loved ones!

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