Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks Mother Nature!

I can't believe it! We have a snowday today! The thing about this snowday is that it really wasn't snowy. I wanted to post a picture of my kids playing outside in the snowy yard BUT Natalie went to the YMCA to swim with a friend then went out to lunch and came here with her friend...and I am going to take them to the friend's house to play for a little while later this afternoon. My son got a call from his friend and went to the elementary school to go sledding.

So, on this snowday, nobody was home long enough to have any great photo "ops". I put in a picture of Natalie from last year. She still looks the same and the picture is still appropriate. I imagine that I will be heading back to school tomorrow, regardless of the weather. School districts do not like to be made fools of so I guess that there will not be another snow day for a while. Good news is that the groundhog DID NOT see his shadow so spring will be coming soon anyway..........right?

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