Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Some progress was made in my reading challenge!

Since I last posted, I finished my "D" book, The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant.  I really enjoyed this book.  It is told as a storyteller may tell it and it allows for a real connection to the main character.  Addie is a spunky girl in a time that was a great transition for women. The turn of the century provided new opportunities for women and Addie was not too afraid to try and spread her wings! A very good read indeed!

I started my "E" book but had to pause it to read my "G" book because it was a limited time library book.  My daughter read it first and that also made my timeline a bit limited!  Ravencliffe by Goodman is the second in a YA Fantasy/SciFi series.  My daughter and I read the first and we are anxiously awaiting the 3rd!  This series is about a young girl, Ava, who after her mother's death goes to Blythewood School for Girls and learns the secrets that Blythewood holds.  And there are MANY!
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After Ravencliffe, I hopped back to my "E" book.
This book is based on "The 19th Wife" Written by Brigham Young's 19th wife and her divorce suit.  This information is intermingled with a present day murder mystery also involing a 19th wife.  I had this book in print form as well as Kindle downloaded from the public library.  I found it difficult to stay engaged.  Some of the "historical" information was interesting but there was too much of it to keep my interest.  This book was on my "To Read" list even before I started this reading challenge so I am glad that I was able to get to it.

I started my "G" book today and already am having trouble putting it down.  Thank goodness it is going to be 30 degrees below zero tomorrow (yes, really) and I am on February break!  I may have to sit and make a dent.  I read Gone Girl and saw the movie and am anticipating that this book will have the same dark feel to it.

Here is a peek at what I am thinking about for the next few letters!

This is the 2nd book in a trilogy.  I got this for Christmas.....2013!  It has been in the nightstand pile for a while!

For "I" I was thinking about something by John Irving.  The letter I is difficult!  Here is what I am thinking...
Nope. I have never read it. Have you?

Phew! That was long! Enough blogging!  Must go read!

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