Saturday, November 29, 2014

Letter A book done!

I just finished my first book in my A to Z challenge!  Only 25 more to go!  
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This book was perfect for the first in this challenge.  One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern is a great story by a great storyteller.  Her stories are always very clever and make me think.  This book was no different.  It made me wonder what my story would be.  What would your story be?

I have read most of her books but these 2 were on the top of my list. In There's No Place Like Here she explores the question: "Where do things go when they disappear?"

This book makes you wonder what would happen if your life made an appointment with you?  Would you keep that appointment?

My next book is by an author that wrote a book that was so powerful for me that I stalked her on Facebook so that I could tell her how much I loved it!  This is her most recent book. I am starting it tonight.

And here is a look forward to my book for the letter C!

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