Sunday, November 9, 2014

A to Z Reading Challenge

I LOVE to read!

I just wish that I had enough time to do it.  I decided to start an A to Z reading challenge.


Well….when I was little, I remember my Mom taking us to the Brighton Library and I used to sit in the kids section looking longingly at the adult fiction section.  Some day, I thought, I was going to read every book in that section. I was going to start with the A section and read my way through to Z.  In honor of that ambitious little girl, the next 26 books I read will be in order of author name.  Starting with A and working through to Z.

Confession….I have a library book that I am going to read first.  I can use this time to start collecting suggestions on upcoming letters!

I will track these on this blog.  There is a list on the right side that will contain my choices.  I will review my choices in blog posts and on Goodreads.

Looking forward, I think that I am going to start off with an author that I know and love, Cecelia Ahern. Click the picture to purchase this book.

Sound like fun??? Choose your own favorite A author  and join me!

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