Monday, July 28, 2014

Back in the Saddle!

It has been a long time.
A VERY long time……
The good news is…blogging is like riding a bicycle.
Just jump back in!

I figured that I would start with a little before and after craft project.

I love garage sales!  I got this little drawer at a garage sale for 2 bucks…. (actually I got 2!) and I have kept them in my gargae for a year.  I compiled many ideas of what to do with this gem but could not commit.  I eventually decided to gift it.  I knew the "who" so the rest was easy!

I had read a blog post about the Krylon brand Dual spray paint and decided to give it a try.

I loved the end result!  the paint took a while to dry but we had been having some humid weather so it is hard to tell whether it was the weather or the paint.  I wanted to add a little personal touch to the box so I covertly asked the recipient of this beauty what "one word" she liked best!  The rest came about with the use of my cricut and some peel and stick vinyl.  

So pretty!

The other box is still in the garage and was painted turquoise…..not quite finished but I am sure that once it is, it will make an appearance here!

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