Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another makeover post!

2 posts in one week!  Can you tell that it is summer? :)

I bought this cute little table at a garage sale for $5!  The person that was running the sale had said that she had thought about keeping it for herself but could not think about what to do with it. I did not have that problem at all!

After sanding and priming I decided that I wanted to paint it yellow…..I was slightly shocked at exactly how YELLOW Behr's honey locust was but I continued onward.

Did I mention how yellow it is????

I found the perfect knob…..

And the perfect spot!

For those of you that have not had my house tour yet, the walls are stucco swirl (not my doing, the previous owner LOVED this look) and the carpet is green (also not my choice but the family room is kinda low on the remodel list). So picture it with a light tan wall and hardwood flooring!

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