Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Poet of the Month

So in my classroom we have started a "Poet of the Month" in order to get kids excited about poetry and hear and love the rhyme and the music of poetry. I have several poems by Mary Ann Hoberman taped on the wall by my door and we have been reading one when we line up and leave the room. As we were leaving the room today (a little late, I might add), one of my little ones said that we absolutely could not leave until we read one of our poems, and maybe we could just read the short one. Love those little first grade sponges!

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  1. Lori, Would you be willing to be featured on Friday in a "Poetry Friday" post over at my blog? Maybe just a short paragraph about what you're doing with POET OF THE MONTH (which I would mention in my post came through Lee's book PASS THE POETRY PLEASE." Just any little story or sharings of how you're doing it and maybe a photo...or if your class has written a poem to share? I'd be honored!