Friday, September 9, 2011

The Ballad of the Cluckwagon

Below is a progression of Facebook Posts based on my car incident....enjoy!

September 5 – 10:22am

is procrastinating....N&N were asked to bring the groceries in from my car Thursday and we discovered last night that they forgot a jumbo package of chicken in my smelled as disgusting as you are imagining it did....maybe worse. I need to go open up the car.....

September 5 - 12:23pm

Phase 2 of car de-stinkification is complete. EVERYTHING is OUT and baking soda everywhere. It is sitting in my driveway with all the windows and the trunk open. Already smells a little better.....a special thanks to Mother Nature for keeping precipitation to herself for now.

September 5 – 2:59pm afraid that "Phase 2" of de-skinkifying the car is going to take a lot longer than I want it to....****wimper**** Need to go run errands but will go later when Dave is home with the other car....

September 5 - 8:26pm

I have a new plan for anyone who would like to supress their appetite. I will come and pick you up in the chicken-mobile and we can drive around for a while and talk about it. David is taking the car to Delta Sonic to have the professionals deal with it......a good man indeed.

September 6 - 7:55pm

For anyone interested on an update from the still smells foul. (Couldn't resist) We tried vinegar. Fail. Charcoal. Fail. Baking soda. Fail. Delta Sonic can take care of it for $80 and 6 hours but not until Saturday. May need to go borrow my parent's car til Saturday.

September 7 – 8:36

Cluckwagon update: Delta Sonic just called to say that they have shampooed the seats and carpets twice and run the "special machine" in it once and the car still smells....they are going to try the machine again. Guess I was quite an idiot to think that vinegar and charcoal would do the trick! Not sure what to do next if this does not work!

September 8 - 7:12

2 shampooings.....2 ionizing treatments......2 odor "bombs" and we are going to get the cluckwagon.....they say there is still a little bit of odor left....we will see. They said there is nothing more they can do. Cross your fingers!

September 8 - 9:15

Dave says that the cluckwagon just smells like the shampoo now......

Does that make it the "poo" wagon? (Thanks Becky)

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