Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This is a little thing that has made me happy lately. While at a craft show with Becky and Jenny, we stumbled upon a booth that was selling these fun pretty bracelets. You start with the bracelet and add the beads that you like. They are marketed in many ways and have many names. There is also a wide range of beads. I bought a butterfly bead (for my garden), and owl bead (for my classroom), a zodiac bead (Leo, of course) and some little spacers that have a green stone (August birthstone). I added some pretty glass blingy beads and I rearrange them often! Do you want to know the BEST thing about my girlfriend bracelet? The whole thing costs about as much as ONE bead from a jewelry store! All you skeptics may be saying something like "you get what you pay for" but Becky said it best when she said that it would be out of style by the time the bracelet falls apart. Head out to your local craft store and start your own!


  1. Looks like fun! But how do you keep the beads from falling off?

  2. there are little ball on the end that screw on and the last beads on either end have rubber in the middle so the beads don't slide! Isn't that clever?